Proven results

An incredible 83% of employers would recommend apprenticeships to others and for those employers with apprentice completers the average increase in business productivity is on average £214 per week. Apprenticeships offer a proven track record for reported increases in employee and customer satisfaction, a reduction in staff turnover and recruiting costs. Your apprentices can also contribute to business innovation, motivation, loyalty, increased skills and knowledge base on which to build business success, Apprenticeships offer a host of benefits to employers

A capable workforce

David Abraham, Chief Executive of Channel 4 and Chair of the Industrial Partnership for the Creative Industries said:

The Growth Through People strategy highlights the importance of industry-wide collaboration and employer-led partnerships in developing a skilled workforce. I am a passionate advocate of employers investing in training, skills and talent development to ensure the UK’s economy can attract and develop the broadest range of talent.

By investing in Apprentices, your business is investing in its own future by ensuring skills, innovation and people are at the heart of its development strategies.

Increased productivity

Nearly all SMEs who have apprentices (96%) report benefits to taking on an apprentice.

“Apprenticeships work. 3 in 4 SMEs told us they saw an increase in productivity from employing an apprentice, whilst 72% said an apprentice improved their product or service quality.”

Increased profit, productivity, better products and happier customers are just some of the gains you can take advantage of to build your company