We finished our 50th course on Wednesday 10th October, what a roller-coaster the last 2 years have been. The presentation was emotional to say the least with meaningful words by many and even a couple of songs from the whole team.

Written below are just a couple of the incredible poems created by the team. Please have a read and enjoy.

“Confidence is not a lack of doubt
Confidence is taking dark thoughts out
Confidence is not a lack of fears
Confidence is stopping fears turning into tears
Confidence is not feeling better than the rest
Confidence is getting up and doing your best
Confidence is not owned by a few
Confidence belongs to me and you lies within.”

Paul Land

“Day one we came for training,
Staff were good at explaining.
Week one was very draining
Then we split up into teams
To learn about the unforeseen
We all got into a routine
Then came our very own flyer
We had to research everything prior
Staff were always ready to inspire
We learnt different skill on the computer,
Some could not sign into router.
But staff were there to help and tutor
Different people in our teams submit from the loads of things we did
We could all get a job any minute.”

Sara Gilchrist

Posted by
Gabby Cook