Grimsby recently completed their course and decided to speak about their companies and sales pitches in the presentation; along with some kind words of thought.

The course invented companies that included cats and pancakes; what could be better?

One of the leaners wrote the following poem which left some guests and staff a tad emotional.

“Hello to all returneeship friends, Sadly the course has come to an end.
Thank you all for the fun and laughs, except the part when we did the maths.

The business idea is Pat a Cat, No sorry, no cats in a hat.
Feline lovers will enjoy our caf, But dog lovers may think its naff.

I met some new friends, like Sam, friends for life, we are, you bet.
I’ll miss some people, lets keep in touch coz thanks to you, I’ve learnt so much.

Our team we called The Deductions. We sat, we listened and followed instructions.
From writing CV’s to making flyers, The time has come to say our good byers.

A big thank you to Paul, Sam, Chris and Ed
Only one more thing is left to be


Written by Michelle Goodfellow.

Posted by
Gabby Cook