What a great two and a half weeks we had in Sheffield, during the learners presentation they decided to present us with a poem about their time with us. We thought it was that good we would share it for everyone to see!


Our time here at Croft House
Has finally been and passed,
But all good things have come out of this
Like friendships made to last.

I’m sure we all have things to say
All good and not one bad
But overall I’m pleased to say
A good time by all we’ve had.

We’ve all come here to learn a bit
Of things we weren’t quite sure
And now all done and all enjoyed
And eager to learn more.

Ray, Sergeant Major, Ray
With that Soldier look
Telling us all what to write
In that blinking book.

Now it’s time for Kelsey
She always has a smile
She helps us all with all her skills
And goes that extra mile

Now then Chris, what a guy,
With all your IT wizz,
I promise we take in all you say
It puts us in a tizz

Wey aye Glenn, you canny man
This is plain to see
You’ve had to put up with all the flack
From the likes of Nev and me.

Paul you are the professional man,
In everything you do
To give the confidence that we need
To help us all get through

It’s time to say a big thanks
To the greatest training crew
For all your help and support
In everything we do

So from each and everyone of us
A pleasure it has been
To get to know each one of you
A fab Returneeship team.

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