What is a Returneeship?

A Returneeship is a unique programme designed to support unemployed individuals, who are a distance from the job market, make a positive step towards gaining employment.

Am I eligible?

If you are currenly unemployed over 25 and living in England you may be eligible for a Returneeship. Even if you have completed one or more of the qualifications listed, you may still be eligible to complete the Returneeship. Contact us for a more detailed assessment of your eligibility.

What is the content of a Returneeship?

After two days working on a team project, you will work towards completing:

  • Level 1 Certficate in Customer Service
  • Level 1 Certficate in IT User Skills
  • Level 1 Certficate in Personal Development & Employability Skills

What are the scheduled hours for the classroom element?

The classroom element will last for 12 consecutive week days and will start at 9:00AM and finish at 4:30PM. We also host a reunion which all learners are expected to attend.

What hours will I work on my work placement and how long will it last?

Your work placement will last at least 2 weeks, and your working hours will be agreed by the employer but will typically amount to 37 hours per week.

What certificates will I get?

You will receive a certificate of attendance as well as a separate BIIAB certificates for each qualification you successfully complete.

How long will it take to complete my Returneeship?

4 weeks – 12 days in the classroom followed up by a 2 week placement or further opportunity.

Who can I turn to for help?

If at any point during the course you require any form of assistance, any of the Release Potential tutors will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

What happens when I complete my Returneeship?

At the end of your Returneeship if a position becomes available within your work placement you could be given an interview by the employer. If not, Release Potential will have a reunion and will keep in contact with you to see how your job search is progressing and inform you of any potential suitable vancancies.